Best airplane for the money

Best plane for the money for what mission? A cirrus isn't a good plane if a 172 or a Cub is what fits your mission.
The best airplane for the money is not necessarily one that you can get for a reasonable amount of money. Like Joe said, you also have to look at the "mission" the airplane will be fulfilling.

What is the initial purchase price for the aircraft as compared to other aircraft of similar performance and "mission" capabilities. Is there something else out there that would do the same job for a lesser price? Or is your heart just set on an SR-22?

Furthermore, the "best airplane for the money" includes more than just the purchase price. How much are you going to spend on insurance, maintenance and upkeep, fuel burn. That kind of stuff can add up fast if not considered during the initial purchase. If one airplane costs more initially but is cheaper to operate in the long term, then it might just be the best airplane for the money.
I would have to say is an older model (2003 or so) Cirrus SR-22.

Pretty amazing to see them sub $200K.

I saw 4 people get out of one today, 1 fairly large guy, plus some serious baggage. The flight was 1:30min, not sure if they were over gross but if the payload impressed me.
I'd go with a M20J for the best balance of speed and efficiency....This is as long as you and the the person that you are flying with are less than 6' and 200 lbs.

For me, RV-7 all the way. You can even hang it up side down;)
Cozy Mark IV. Find a partially completed project and I guarantee you'll spend way less than 50K. 4-seater, 200-220 cruise, 1100 nm radius, a little over 1,000 useful load.
Best of all you don't have to pay more for that part just because it says certified, but the exact same part is at Auto Zone for alot less.