Best add on for Flight Sim??


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I have FS2002 and it is pretty cool, I like it a lot. But, I was just wondering what you guys like to play as an add on to it, or just any game?
I think the 210 can be used in FS2002, just make sure that whenever you click on a link to buy something that it will work for FS2002 and its not for FS2004. Because of some changes that were made, not every aircraft is compatible between the two. Both are great, but I like the new weather and scenery in FS9 and will suffer the performance hit because of it.

Also search and if you havent already for add-ons which are free.
If you are into Airbuses, the PSS makes GREAT products. They are almost exact repicas of the real cockpits with the limitations of flight sim. It has a fully functioning MCDU as well as totally unique auto pilot. Its well worth what it costs
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The 767 Pilot In Command add-on was a great one. Most likely my favorite of all, very good with systems management, emergencies, etc. Wow, just thinking, I haven't played it in like 2 years...
PSS A320, and 767 PIC. I have both... really interesting stuff. If you want more hands-on, get the 767 PIC. If you like the computers get the PSS bus. Both come with pretty large manuals as well, with a great deal of information which helps a ton when trying to figure out what "all them buttons do"
Well I shouldn't ramble on too much longer... I'll have to say I'm sorry because people don't think I know what I'm talking about

Both are like 40 bucks, but it's well worth it.
Abacus makes a fun one with I think about 12-15 props and jets called "Corporate Pilot". I just packed all my sims into boxes for a move so I don't have all the specifics at hand.You have a whole slew of flights to make. It's a nice change from the huge comm jets. The aircraft systems aren't as full blown in detail as the Airbus ones your talking about and such, but the cockpit graphics are as good as MSFS, with the usual knobs and switches. So its good if you don't feel like taking the time to do full blown system starts, proceedures etc. and want to just hop in and fly around.
I also have Flight Deck 3 to think of it and thought the aircraft flew crappy or were just plain hard to fly, but it took some of the fun out of doing a carrier landing which is fun.
I was considering the airbus and think I will based on what you said and what I read. It's also fun to have a fully "realistic" flight deck with all the trimmings.
I'd like to try out the Memphis Belle add-on. If you have CFS, you can fly the Belle missions, and for FS2004 (and I THINK 2002 as well) you can fly the war bonds tour after they came home.
Corprate Pilot Comes with;

Conquest II
Commander 1000
Falcon 2000
Citation X

How the hell do I remember that?
Anybody know any add-ons with more realistic autopilot systems (i.e. level change, etc)??

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The PSS Airbus Pro Series has this if you purchase it and need help with the MCDU/autopilot or anything else, just PM me.
Corporate Pilot lost a lot of functionality in FS2002, and Im not even sure it works with FS2004. Abacus had to issue a patch for the aircraft in FS2002 and it got rid of their FMSs and whatnot.
Me = very upset that the POSKY 747-200's don't work in FS2004.

I'm thinking about buying 'Ready for Pushback'. Does anyone have this, or suggest I buy it since I'm such a jumbo nut???
I have “Ready for Pushback.” It’s the best add-on I have seen for flight simulator. However, to use it properly you actually have to read the manual before you use it. I have only used it in FS2002 as that is all I currently own. I’m not getting FS2004 until some better add-ons come out for it. The one I am really waiting for is the Captain Sim 707. I have the 727 by them and it’s great. Not sure how realistically it flies though. There is also an ERJ-135/140/145 add-on which is freeware. Also, I really like the freeware F70/100 add-on. Not sure if any of the add-ons I mentioned work in FS2004, but they are great in FS2002.

Re: Best add on for Flight Sim?? - FSHotSeat

I think I have mentioned this on here before, but I came across a program called FSHotSeat. It's a little virtual co-pilot program and it turns FS into more of a airline simulator than simply flying around at a welm. You get a talking co-pilot who reads checklists for you, or does them for you upon request, (handy when your busy flying the plane) he can also talk to the passengers to notify of ground delays and even point out spots of interest. It also adds elements like talking to dispatch, ground crew, requesting a tug etc. Plus your graded at the end of your flight according to CRM, landing and flying skills and passinger satifaction (ie they get ticked off if your run late, have a hard landing or fly through a lot of turbulance) And if that wasn't enough it also adds some cool sound effects that for some reason wern't included in FS2002, like fuel pump whine, wind noise from the gear being down, sounds of gyros spining etc. Plus if you fly a large airliner you also get a flight attendant who does anoucnments in leu of the co-pilot.

I recomend you at least try the demo, you can get it from

It also works with FS2004 although I haven't tried it. Have fun!
I use realityXP's garmin 530 simulator. It's kind of a resource hog because it uses Garmin's own simulator as a platform (which is a 16-bit program), but it's much more realistic than the Garmin simulator included in FS2004. I wish that they had a 430 simulator, but I'll take what I can get.

The best add on by far for any flight sim program is a second monitor. I've had two monitors for years now and I'm here to tell you, you can't go back. I can drag the garmin sim, radio stack, etc. on to the second monitor.

Another cool add on gauge is the sandel SN3308. It's an EFIS/HSI/RMI, etc. guage designed to fit as a replacement for GA DGs or HSIs. LMNOP....



Just remember, it's only a game.

Where do you go for the freeware software, and I cant freakin visit the PSS Products page because my computer will not accept cookies, AT ALL. O well.