Benefits and Insurance


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This question is for the career changers with family, wife and children....What are your plans as far as healthcare? The company I currently work for is one of the top 10 in the country as far as healthcare and I am afraid it has sort of spoiled us. I checked on similar coverage from a local insurance company and found that the premium would cost me more that the loan for the training! I am trying to get an idea of what some of you other career changers have come up to share your ideas?

What about the benefits you will receive while instructing for the flight schools….such as ATP, MESA or FlightSafety?

Our plan (me and my wife) is once I become a CFI and begin instructing, we're going to switch me over to her insurance. The firm I currently work for has pretty decent insurance, but the FBO where I hope to be hired (same one where I trian) has none as the instructors are considered "Part-time" employees.
Same deal here, as all instructors at my shcool are independant contractors. I've learned quite a bit about quarterly tax payments at the IRS website. Better the enemy you know, I say.
Insurance wise, I was fortunate enough to add on to my wife's coverage from her employer. I belever that's the best option if it's availible to you.
Don't forget about CFI insurance. The job carries much potential liability.