Been to *both* NJC 2004 and NJC 2005?


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That's weird, it posted the text before publishing the poll! Weeeeird!


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Doug Taylor said:
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Honestly, I must say the '05 format was better. In '04 the squared double-wide where the event was held, did not really lend itself to 'mixing'. The setup at '05 with the suite and all really gave the gathering more of a casual atmosphere and that really lead to more mingling amongst all of the guests.


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'05 was much more a party atmosphere, where '04 was more business-like. Last year leant itself toward the large number of underage people we had. This year we didn't have those, and it worked out great.

by the way, if it's going to be that kind of a party, then I'm going to stick my d#(# in the mashed potatoes. to borrow another line from the Beastie Boys!


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I'm with ya, JD. I think it was so much more fun this year. Totally casual, a great time had by everyone, and I really liked it!