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I have had a 15 year hi etas from aviation. I looked into getting back into the saddle earlier this year when pilots were being hired as long as they could breath. Well now that this crazy hiring frenzy has come and gone, I'm trying to figure out if I will be able to find any CFI work.

I understand that we, the US, because of our General Aviation infrastructure, are training the Asian and to a lesser degree, the middle eastern pilot force. My question is this. As the airline, corporate, and other areas have slowed to a crawl as far as hiring is concerned, is there still a demand for CFI's? Simple question. If so does anyone know where one would start in searching for a job?

Thanks a bunch
There is still a demand for CFIs. There are still other flying jobs out there besides the airlines. And with all of the International Students, flight schools need good flight instructors. I received an email from PilotJourney a few days ago that made some really good points. It urged flight schools to not become disheartened by the down turn in airline hiring. But to remind us that people still want to learn to fly for travel as well as for the shear joy that learning to fly brings. Becoming a pilot changes lives.
Around here we have a lot of folks who come out to go for a ride in an airplane. I love to be the one to take someone up in a plane for their first time. It reminds me of my first time up, and why I wanted to learn to fly.
Sometimes flight schools get so caught up in the Career Student pool that they often forget about those who want to fly simply because it is fun and challenging. :)

Sherri DeSpain