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FlightSafety Vero Beach, Florida:
  • Pilot Career Achievement Strategy is a program developed by FlightSafety Academy to assist and promote professional pilot opportunities for US students. This unique program provides valuable free training, CFI, CFII and CFII, as well as at least one jet type rating for pilots working to become Airline Transport Pilots. While many countries and airlines from around the world sponsor students or offer programs to help pilots afford training, here in the US such programs are almost non-existent. As the leading aviation training company in the world FlightSafety International has developed a program to help US students both afford their professional training and to offer the opportunity to start their career as a professional aviator.
  • As a holder of a Commercial Pilot Certificate with both instrument privileges and a multi-engine rating, developing pilots can qualify for the Academy’s PCAS. Once accepted into the program, the FlightSafety Academy will provide free training to achieve all three flight instructor certificates. After successfully completing training and flight checks, the pilot enters a two year paid tenure as a professional flight instructor at the Academy in Vero Beach, Florida. Once the two year instruction residence is complete, the pilot has the opportunity to receive one or more jet type rating training courses for free from one of the over forty FlightSafety’s Learning Centers.
  • A pilot wishing to pursue an airline career can pick from a list of current airline operated aircraft or a pilot wishing to join corporate aviation can accept employment as a seat support pilot and receive a type rating for a corporate jet and be paid as a valued seat support pilot for our business aircraft customers.
  • During this time the pilot will have logged adequate flight hours to qualify for the FAA Airline Pilot License and will be in a most enviable position as FlightSafety instructors are typically placed in the front of other pilot candidates for airline interviews based on the safety, professionalism, dedication and piloting skills learned while at the Academy.
  • To Complete Flight Instructor Training Programs as assigned
  • Conducting flight training in accordance with FAR’s, FSA course outline, and FSA training Regulations
  • Manage assigned training within syllabus and the schedule
  • Maintain accurate logbook records
  • Follow FSA policy regarding control and identification of weak students leading to Progress Reviews
  • Maintain currency in all procedures and regulations for all licenses and ratings held
  • Report to Asst PM with completed weekly planner
  • Maintain a minimum 80% pass rate on all evaluations
  • Maintain a professional attitude and demeanor with staff, instructors, and students
  • Maintain a positive attitude and willingness to perform to a high standard
  • Use constructive critique to improve performance
  • Other tasks assigned by APM, PM, or Chief Flight Instructor

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