Bears playing off Canadian airspace...


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I have no idea who is even responsible for ATC in those locations. @Vector4Food might know. We separate aircraft from blocks of airspace for our own military operations, NASA, NOAA, et al.

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At least in the oceanic sectors I work, there is a ton of garbage and primary targets all over the scope. A target that's moving at the speed of an airplane will probably get noticed eventually, but ATC would definitely not block any airspace for a random primary unless told to do so by the military. If the target approached domestic airspace, we would probably at least separate from it laterally, assuming it was a VFR.

When an article identifies the type aircraft and says it was tracked, I can only assume it was by the military somewhere. I would guess they weren't requesting flight following.


This job would be easier without all the airplanes
The TU-95s are likely flying under Due Regard.
except they don't actually tell anyone but their own military.

The one time I "worked" a hot intercept, the scramble didn't know anything about it, and neither did we until well into the event. (2 hour flight time)