basic questions on cost and possibilities for UK wannabee!


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i am 36 years of age and within the next 6 months will be made redundant from my current career within banking. I therefore thought there might be the outside chance that i could now pursue my lifetimes ambition and train to become an airline pilot!
This is my very first enquiry on the subject so please excuse my ignorance as i'm sure this very question has been covered on numerous occasions previously in this forum.
I would like to know how long, realistically, it would take me to get to the point of a salaried pilot and the potential cost the whole process would set me back finacially.
Bearing in mind i do not have a mortgage outstanding and will receive a redundancy payment in the region of £50,000 ( $75,000) i was thinking of doing some kind of accelerated training full-time but wonder whether my payout would be nearly enough to achieve my goal.
I do not have degree level education although i do possess 2 'A' Levels and my only previous flying experience is half an hour in a glider and doing a tandem sky-dive!
I would very much appreciate your advice - even if you believe i should realistically stick to flying kites instead!
thanks for your time
I'm sorry if i'm too un-experienced but i've been researching flight schools in USA AU NZ & SA. Since you are a UK citizen the oppurtunities are limited to the extent of a Flight instructor / Part time contract charter without a Green Card.

Usually some flight schools do offer to get you a employer status for a Green Card application. With a greencard you can apply for any airlines. Contrary to some popular belief G/C is just a visa offering you the freedom to stay in USA and work for any term including free passage into CA & Mexico. Therefore you donot lose UK citizenship

Find a nice flight school get your CFI CFII & if needed MEI . Build around 1500 hours, apply for a GC at the same time trying ur luck back in UK. 36 is not a bad age as the age limit for UK careers is only around 45-49 and the 1500 process will take only around 18-24 months if u, as doug said, "Fly your butts off".

As for the price it depends... Some flight schools like accelerated flight AZ say $18,800/- and Comair states 43,750/- for international candidates. Try sending some emails to them. They have great customer service. I sent the same e-mail to 15 flght schools on 20th of this month and i've already got 6 information packages including CD ROMS etc..

I can't really give any serious advice to you as I am pretty much at the bottom rung of the ladder myself (although I have a PPL). I would suggest that before investing in a full ab-initio - course, it may be worth getting your PPL first, just to see if this is what you really want to do (I am sure you will find it is the most amazing experience, but there are some that find it is not for them).

From what you have described above, your redundancy package is going to cover your course fees completely, and living expenses too I would imagine.. I wish I was in that position /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif .

If this is your dream then go for it! Just make sure it is actually what you want before investing such a large (and hard to come by) sum of money.

Good Luck,