Baron 56TC Question


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A friend told me that the Baron 56TC is capable of 250 knots, is that true? Pretty fast for a 4 seat piston. Does any one here have any time in them? What makes them so fast?
That might be TAS at max operating altitude, like FL200 or so. Of course, since it's unpressurized, you'd have to be suckin oxygen. That still seems pretty fast though.
It has the Duke (BE-60) engines in it so how ever high the Duke can go it can go.
Sounds like a pretty high number to me, but may be possible.

I didn't run across any 56TC numbers on a quick search but I'm sure that they are out there.

The think that the Baron 56TC uses the same 380 hp engines as the Duke, and a quick check shows the Duke rated at something like 233 knots (way up high, I'm sure). The Baron with 310 hp engines is rated at 75% power at something like 213 knots, so the 56TC may run up into the mid-200 knot range at oxygen+ altitudes.

Someone doing a little more homework could probably give you a more exact answer...