Banner towning fataility at Camarillo


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Heard about this yesterday. What a bummer.

Reports are saying it was a Van Wagner plane. It has been a bad month or so for these guys (they had one other plane go down in a field not far from Camarillo a little over a month ago).


August 31, 2008


CAMARILLO -- The FAA is investigating a single-engine plane crash at the Camarillo Airport that left one pilot dead.
Investigators say the pilot of the Piper Super Cub was attempting to pick up an advertising banner around 9:30 a.m. Sunday when the plane nosed over at the end of the runway during takeoff.
Ventura County Fire Department Capt. Ron Oatman said the plane crashed on an unused section of runway.
Airport restaurant manager Sondra Phelps said she was looking out the window when she saw the banner collapse as the plane was taking off. Then she saw a large cloud of dust rise in the area.
It appears the banner "dragged it down," Phelps said. The plane "hit the field, by the looks of it."
The pilot's name was not immediately released. Under FAA rules, planes towing banners are barred from carrying passengers. No one was injured on the ground.
The aircraft is owned by Van Wagner Aerial Media, which is based in Hollywood, Fla., according to the FAA.
Last month a banner-towing plane landed upside down at the airport, but the pilot avoided serious injury.