Banner Towing A little advise please


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Hey folks this is my first post here. Been reading the site everyday for months, finally I registered. Here is my question. I just finished up my commercial, I have 280tt, I don't really want to be an instructor but that is the route I am currently on, before anyone jumps on me for working on my CFI and not really wanting to be an instructor let me say that if you find me somthing else I'll take it. Now that's out of the way I am wondering if anyone here has been a banner tow pilot? Can anyone give me the pros and cons? I am thinking about moving to florida and leaving my wife and son in Utah. It's a big move so any info would be greatly appreciated.
Well I have no advice for you, I don't know if you have read any of our posts, but we are in Springville, and also have one son and are about to move to FL. But we are all going.
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I heard a guy got killed doing it his first week on the job. Looks dangerous to me, but then again, my flight students try to kill me everyday when I am teaching!
Well I have no advice for you, ...

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Well, as far as I can tell you are from Utah....It seems that 90% of banner towing takes place over warm beaches.

So during the winter we're talking Florida, the Carolinas, gulf region and southern California.
A previous instructor of mine banner towed for a little while he said don't ever do it!
Both of his roommates were killed banner towing. He took me up to the local airport where he flew to watch the operation and I gotta tell you it seems like some stunt flying scary sh#T. He said the stall horn goes off the entire flight from pick up to release, your low, slow and not flying the best maintained planes. Too each his own though, I'm taking his advice CFI route.
Well on the positive side:

I flew banners for a season and had a blast. The planes were maintained very well where I worked so that was helpful. There is a lot of flying close to the ground and in slow flight, but if you're cautious and a good pilot you won't have any trouble at all. There were two people killed at the place I worked in their history, and both times it was the pilot being dumb and not leaving an out.

It was a good time, and I got a lot of hours from it. Pay wasn't the best ($20 a banner) but it was liveable. I flew Super Cubs and Cessna 150's (one with 160hp, and one with 180hp).
I would suggest you do it, if you can get the job with that little time, and you get in with a reputable company. I know of one BIG banner company in Florida that is actually doing PFT!! The reason I mention time is many reputable companies will have trouble getting you insured with that kind of time, as many insurers want to see that much time in tailwheel alone. But, if you meet the criteria, and the company is a good one with well maintained planes, I highly recommend it. Yes, you are flying low, and slow, on the back side of the power curve the entire time, but it will make you an EXCELLENT stick.