Banks near VRB?


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What banks are close to FSA? I currently use a regional bank in TN so I'll have to switch...preferably a larger bank so I can try to avoid changing in the future. Oh, and while you're at it, anybody know of a storage place where I can leave some stuff until I find an apartment/roommate? Thanks.
As far as banks go, I use southtrust, no complaints. I think they have branches as far north a Virginia. Theres no fee for checking if you are under 26. Otherwise you can find one for a fee of 5.00 per month.

The closest storage to the airport that I know of is called Self Storage/airport trade center. Located at 2501 27th ave. Phone is 772-569-6200. I think you can get the local yellow pages online at Good luck.
Just moved to Vero and am looking for a Bank as well. You wont have a problem finding one as they seem to be everywhere.The only prolem is finding one that has multiple locations.
I use Indian River Credit Union, but unfortunately they only have one location. I don't really do a lot of banking though. They've got a pretty good rate on the savings accounts and that's where my Key Bank checks go...

Aero Self Storage has many units and its across the street from the dorms. They also have some farther down the road. They even have some air conditioned units, it helps keep the humidity down. Anyhow they worked nicely for me! Have fun in Vero, I really miss flying everyday!
So many people have winter places down here that there are storage places all over town. As far as banks go I also use Wachovia/First Union...They are national and it's also what FSI uses so if you need to make a transfer it's instantaneous and is in your account in no time at all.
Thanks for the info everyone. First Union/Wachovia sounds like the best route for me as they have branches in VA where I'm from as well. Has anyone seen a Suntrust?
Bank of America sucks.

USAA kicks booty (if you qualify....military in the family somewhere)
When I was there, First Onion had free checking for FSI. This may have only applied to employees, but I know a lot of students banked there as well. Wachovia may have the same deal since they took over FU.