bad times in moorpark for American Flyers

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I just saw the plane I did my CFI training in in 2004 bit the dust. Good news is nobody was hurt (only cut up a bit).

Glad to hear they got things to turn out well for all those involved. My compliments to the pilot. I hope it wasn't my old instructor! If you happen to know who the CFI was could you IM me that info? I don't think it would be appropriate to post it on a public forum.

Fly safe!

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there is actually a small crop duster field that is just north of GINNA intersection/lake if I remember correctly. We tried to keep it nearby when possible but I is really hard to spot. I agree though, LA needs more airports :)


Glad they weren't seriously hurt. I spent a lot of time in that practice area and there's really not many options for an emergency landing. L.A. DOES need more airports.


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What a coincidence.....

I started my CFI/CFII 30day academy at American Flyers today and one of the new students is the pilot who crashed yesterday. He was doing his CSEL and doing a simulated engine cut. They were at about 1000' AGL and went to add full power to recover. Only problem was that the power stayed at idle and they had zero control over the throttle. They decided to land in a field right infront of them but didn't cut the mixture or close the fuel tanks. This resulted in them floating in ground affect all the way down the field (as opposed to cutting the mixture and having a dead prop to allow a landing) until they hit the upslope of a hill. The nose hit first along with the prop which acted as a spring and sent the entire tail into the air. The plane ended up doing a front-flip and landing upside-down.

The student passed his commercial btw and is now training to be a CFI/CFII with me in my class :nana2:

Instructor that was with him was the chief pilot at american flyers, lewis (lou)