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So, considering everything else is ok on a background check, does bad credit ruin your chances of being hired?
The reason credit is checked is because it is just another way for the airlines to judge your character.I'd say that having bad credit wouldn't ruin your chances, you would just have to explain your situation.
Get your own credit check, verify everything for accuracy and clean up any problems with the report.

If there are late payments, be prepared to discuss them just in case.

Some auto insurers won't cover some drivers with poor credit and it might be "in fashion" to frown upon applicants with poor credit in positions that demand a lot of reliability like aviation.

But start by clearing it up as best you can.
If you havent looked at your credit report in a while do it..You will be amazed at what might be showing on it that is wrong...Once I had something show up 7 different times on the same report...So I called the company shown and they had no idea what I was talking about.. The sent to have it removed and me a letter stating so but I also disputed it just to make sure....Usually the negative things are really bad just someone messing up at the credit bureau...But it doesnt hurt to check at least 2 times a year....No one likes suprises.
I agree, it's very important to check your credit report at least twice a year every year... if not for the background checks or car/home purchases, do it for your own sanity on a yearly basis...

it's one of the best ways to find out if someone's doing the "identity theft" on you and it's the best way to ensure that you have good credit for anything that comes along - car, house, home equity loan etc etc....

if you find problems, it takes 30 days to investigate & report - so be prepared to take at least a good 3 months to make sure all of those problems are corrected!
You should also receive a letter in the mail stating the item has been removed or was deemed valid. You also have to send a dispute report for every item you are denying...The good thing now is Equifax is online and you can get you report there and dispute it there also..Saves alot of time waiting for the mail...But the company still has 30 days to repond or it will be removed.
You should also receive a letter in the mail stating the item has been removed or was deemed valid

[/ QUOTE ] depends on what company.. transmeridian still works through snail mail only...

I actually use - they deal with all 3 credit reporting agencies, so when one problem is corrected, it's corrected with all 3 companies. everything is done online, you put your investigation in online, you receive your results online *much faster than the snail mail 30 days* and it's really a great product. granted, the yearly membership is kindof a heafty price to pay ($80/yr), but to me, it's been an extremely worthwhile purchase.
We started using online stuff also and the results are faster and you dont have to wonder when you 30 days start...

Creditexpert is run by Experian. Unless they changed their service in the last year, any disputed corrections will only show up on Experian. My wife and I used them before we purchased our home and were able to clear up a few problem areas. When the bank pulled our credit, our scores for Experian were about 75 points higher than the rest, and what was cleared with them, was still on Transunion and Equifax.
Creditexpert is free for a year when you purchase MS Money 2004 Deluxe. It's cheaper to buy MS Money than it is to buy creditexpert. It includes credit monitoring so that anytime someone accesses your credit, you'll be notified. And it includes unlimited access to your credit report and score for a year. If you pay more, you can get all 3 credit reports.
Oh, i know creditexpert is by experian but i think have the plan that affords all 3 credit reports, i think.... but, i might be wrong - haven't been in there lately, so using my excuse of old age, i do tend to forget!