Back up careers for pilots?


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So what do you some of you pilots do to pay the bills? And what do you plan to do if you can't fly anymore as a carreer?
I don't have any problems paying my bills...hehe. But I keep a second option ready to go at a moments notice by keeping my CFI current and starting a flight school with the two planes and two simulators I have. If my union asks me to walk away from from the career for a while then I'd combine flight instruction with a part time job in youth work. I'm pretty conservative with my money and am in a good position if the need to leave the career arose...due to loss of medical or whatever....
If I loose my medical, after I get a job of course, I'd want to be an aircraft broker or, if I was young enough, an Air Traffic Controller......
I think I'd like to be a porn star.
I'd like to be a carpenter If my pilot career failed. I'd like law enforcement too, but I couldnt deal with the amount of crap they take every day. I'd just like the Crown Victory with the 5.4 V-8 baby.

Definetly anything that doesnt require me to be in an office all day.

Well... I'd probably buy a one way ticket to Rio de Janeiro and sell ice cold coconut water at Copacabana Beach. Sun, surf and beautiful topless women... That'll probably make me feel a little better

Peace !
I am keeping my other interests going while I fly and I may add new ones.

I work as a climbing instructor/guide when time allows & I do sail charter / delivery captain work.
Also starting to do a little low end web design/maint for some small local companies.
Mmmm, Hebrew National hot dogs....

And a little "Duff" beer and I'll be happy.
That would be the plan!

I'd probaly have to fire myself for freeloading from my own stand though.....:D
Anything but going back to theme parks! This ramp stuff is starting to wear on my body, too. Seriously, though. If I ever lost my medical, I think I might want to work with the NTSB in accident investigation, hence the minor in Aviation Safety.
I'd love to have some job where I could be around busy airports. Or maybe I'd just take over my dad's hunting business and pheasant farm (however I don't hunt...Ironic huh?).
I'd keep on selling advertising, just like I am now.

If I made it, and then got furloughed, I'd probably go bartend or wait tables and teach. I may well go and bartend or wait tables while I'm building time as a CFI if I have to.