Back from Atlanta, or "There's no place like home"


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Back from Atlanta, or \"There\'s no place like home\"

Well, 5 down, 2 to go. Just got back from Atlanta and the CFI Initial Oddesy. Have to say, the Citation ride and the spin training are definitely the highlights of the program. My Citation ride was awesome- got to fly from Atlanta to Jax with the vice president of ATP in the left seat (somewhat intimidating... although he turned out to be a pretty cool guy) then from Jacksonville to Agusta Georgia taking some Channel 5 sports news guy to the Masters!! Never seen so many biz jets in my life at AGS. We had to get a time slot just to come in and leave. I was too busy worrying about doing everything right (V speeds, Temp, Weight, etc.) to see any famous golfers, and besides, as big a golf fan I am I would not have recognized any of them unless Jack Nicklaus punched me in the face-- wearing his hat. The trip back was done with the "Citation Guy" Ernie, who despite his reputation as a strict instructor and examiner makes you feel comfortable and confident, has a good sense of humor, and made the whole experience pretty enjoyable.
The spin training was done with the appropriately named Brian Rush-- what can I say except that I now have a whole new perspectve on what can be done in a 172.
Speaking of single engine stuff, all I have left is the Commercial single and CFI single, and then it's off to the presses to get my resume in order.
Re: Back from Atlanta, or \"There\'s no place like home\"

Are they giving you any days off between ratings to rest and finish paperwork? I've met some ACPP people coming through Stuart and get the impression it's a race to the finish. I'd particularly like a day or two before going to CFI training.
Re: Back from Atlanta, or \"There\'s no place like home\"

It depends on your schedule (weather, checkride schedule, etc.). I've heard of guys having several days off before the CFI training, and then other guys going right into it the day after thier commercial multi ride.
Re: Back from Atlanta, or \"There\'s no place like home\"

Yep, that's what I have seen so far. I figure I will get a commercial checkride away from my base while on the XC phase, due to my total time. They have CFI classes twice a month, so I hope we can stretch out the XCs enough that we have some time off between classes. I'm preparing as best I can, trying to get everything done quickly.