Back among the working....


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..I'm back with the employer I left before becoming a FA. Since FA opportunities are virtually non-existent right now, I called my former boss and asked if anything was available. I'll be subbing in the child care room for a couple of weeks and then work the full summer for a woman who's taking college classes.

Moral of the story, try to ALWAYS leave a company on good terms. You never know when you may need a job! :) While it certainly isn't what I want to do forever, it's a way to pay the bills and not go insane sitting home. :insane: ;)
Yes it does....considering she's a woman...and I most definitely don't swing that way! :tease:

Great job sleeping with the old boss to get ahead.

See folks, this is what I'm talking about. Doing what it takes to get ahead!

Ok, I'm done, Really this time.
Congrat. Qgar

Great job sleeping with the old boss to get ahead.

Ever watch old 80's movie - "secret of my success" ;) She is doing that in the real life. :p (duck for cover)
Probably a smart move! Are you going to return to if the chances return or are you done?

I'd love to return to FA'ing and hope things improve soon! I was accepted to North American's class, BUT that got cancelled before it even started. IF things improve for them by October, I'll be called. I've applied to, and been rejected by, a couple of other carriers. There are still a couple of apps out there, and I'm ALWAYS looking. Fingers crossed, everybody! :)