BA sponsorship news


I found this and thought you guys might be interested. I certainly am!
Well approximate figures are that BA receives in the general region of 30,000 requests for application forms per year, and that about 100-140 cadets make the grade and start training. Don't quote me but I heard that 25% make it past the application form, 25% past the aptitude tests and then approx 1/6 make it past the Final Board. BA are currently recruiting to replace a large number of flight crew who will be retiring up until 2005, the so-called 'Hamble Bulge' which was a huge recruiting drive in the 1960s, all of whom are coming to retirement age at about the same time.
Thanks Ian, sent in my CV they wrote back two three days later.Very professional!
They said there are many people in the program, and so they would be getting all the data together. Later on they would reply.
If I got in it would be a dream come true!!!
But no hope yet. Looking into my medical tomorrow-hope I pass.
Ok, so I passed my medical just got news today. Jaa Class I with glasses!!!!
I was however turned down for the BA program. I think they have many people so they can afford to be VERY picky, I also suppose that being british helps.At least they where very fast, and I didn´t have to wait too long.
Good news is I will go ahead with my training, and I have found a friend with two planes, so I think the hours will be coming in alot cheaper...
Best regards to all, and good luck to those who apply to BA.
Pleased to hear your medical went well! I am currently in the BA process, I have completed my application, and just waiting for a friend to get back from a trip to go over it with me!
Best of Luck with your flying!
Hi there,

.... I'm a new comer on this board, so I'm so sorry to let a message on this old thread, but I have a question

Do you know if BA accepts the applications for the Sponsored training (at this time or that's still frozen..)?

On the website I didn"t find out the online application, that's why I'm a little confused...