B200 King Air Pilot (India)


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B 200 King air Pilot Positions

Position Summary:

A private company wanting Pic and Sic.

  • Location: India
  • Reporting to: Chief Pilot/ Dir. of Operations.
  • Hours: Variable
  • Availability: Until filled.

Minimum Requirements

B 200 Type Rating
1500 Total Time hours
ATP preferred
500 PIC Hours (type)
Experience in Type
No accidents, incidents or sanctions in the past 5 years
Valid, current Pilots License issued by the FAA

Knowledge of general aviation aircraft and their service requirements
Excellent Communication Skills
Professional in appearance and mannerisms
Contractual - willing to relocate for the contract period

Other Requirements:
Ability to pass a drug screening test
Able to pass a background check
Clean driving record
Must have High School Diploma or GED

Email resume to jettechaviation@comcast.net
Anyone got any more information on this??

Actual location within india, pay, work conditions, etc.....?


Here in India and other places like Canada, the B200 is an actual type. Which company is looking for B200 captains over here?

As I understand it, in India, a C152 is a type, too. Does raise the question of exactly why they're recruiting in the US.
Kinda, you just have to be certified to fly that airplane from a 152 to a 777. It's kinda annoying. To get your "type" in anything 12500 and below for India you just need 100 hrs PIC.

I'd be leary about applying to this. it has the same address for the chief pilot job in seattle
Also if this is really for India, the only people that can get an SIC job is an Indian national. No expat SIC's.