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Hey Doc,

So I came down with some sinusitis and the doctor prescribed me azithromycin (z pack). I looked it up in our manual and it says we can take some antibiotics of the penicillin family and still fly with certain approvals. I tried looking it up but can't figure out if it fits that exemption or not. I feel fine now but the doctor told me I should finish the 5 day pack. Also, is it safe to fly the day after I finish taking the medication, or does it stay in my system for a bit?

Thank you
Flying with antibiotics has more to do with why you are taking them. If you have a significant sinusitis with symptoms, obviously you should not fly. If it is mild, you could fly. There are common sense judgements here rather than "is it on the list or not".
Sounds great, I'm feeling fine today so I should be good to go. Thanks for the prompt reply Doc.

Thanks Buick, that's a good site I've never seen it before.