Aviation Safety Magazine

I used to subscribe and thought it was pretty good. It is definitely not of the same breed as the glossy, cheerleader-style flyings mags.

If I remember correctly, I don't think that they accept any advertisements at all.

It is in the same league as IFR Refresher and the Aviation Consumer. It's more of a newsletter style than a traditional magazine, but the articles are very good.

I get Flying magazine and I probably spend about 2 minutes browsing it before I get sick from the ads or tired of reading about Dick Karl's Cessna Centurion.
I totally agree Doug. Flying magazine has turned into the Dick Collins (or whatever his name is) magazine. He has some great info but he must of wrote 3/4 of the last issue. It is nice to get more variety but haven't found another magazine that is any better.
Any subscribers? Opinions? Worth the $19.97?

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WE get it and LOVE it. Have subscribed for about 5 years, my wife loves reading the stupid pilot files. (faa accident reports.