aviation job analysis


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hey everyone,
I'm taking a class right now in which I have to do a job analysis. I'm thinking about doing a pilot or aircraft sales representative but any aviation analysis will do.

So anyone have a job analysis I could use to base mine off of or know where I could get one?


I never understand why people post in forums to do their homework for them.

I understand what you are asking, of a resource to use to base information on, but when I was in school I actually had to research how to find and obtain the information.

You state YOU have to do a job ANALYSIS. So, go start ANALYZING by talking to people in the industry about your HYPOTHESIS and use the information to support or disprove it.

I don't think I'm being too harsh by saying that school is a great opportunity for you to begin to think for yourself. I'd be more impress with a student who does research, both personal and based on combing over statistical data, than a student who plunks down someone elses work with only a few original thoughts.

I'd suggest try a .gov website. Perhaps the Department of Labor and Stastics.....
I understand where you are coming from Moxie,
I do all of the homework myself and was trying to get a base analysis in which I could look at in order to make my own.

I also agree with you on thinking for yourself, as a soon to be graduate I understand that relying on other people for ideas and thoughts is never a good thing. Throughout college I have completed projects that I have done all the research myself and I thought for a topic I don't know much about I would ask for help from people more qualified than me to help me with this project.

Thank you for the leads, I am currently researching these sites now as well as other sites that will help me with my project.