Aviation Atlanta?


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Just checked out their website. Price seems reasonable for whats included. Did a forum search and not much about them.

Anybody got some info.....Good/Bad?


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Are you planning on moving to Atlanta sometime soon?

Their hourly rates are OK, they're a tad higher than what I've been paying for comparable aircraft.

My only beef is that they're located at PDK. I don't think I've ever flown in/out of there during the daytime where I haven't been held on the ground for a few minutes or had to line up behind other arriving traffic. I know they end up doing much of their pattern work and practice approaches over at Cobb County because the traffic is lighter, as I recognize a couple of those tail #s.


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Anybody know if they are hiring Instructors? I just applied on their website. I will give them a call tommorow.


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Decent operation, mx and owner....older airplanes...they've got 3-4 warriors, around 15 or so 172's, a few 172RG's...2 BE-76's on the multi side...got checked out in their duchess and they wanted 30 hrs with an MEI:whatever: before letting me fly the airplane myself due to their insurance requirements.....A 3rd duchess has been down for several months getting new engines and one is on sublease to fill in the gaps until that one comes back on-line...one of their duchesses(184AA) went down back in March(@ KRMG)killing the instructor/student--very sad situation....also had a 172RG gear failure in Febuary of this year so I believe the RG's are now flown "dual" only.

Good instructors, great chief pilot....very by the book which is obviously how it should be. Safety first!

Over the last year or two they've become more of a pilot factory for foreign students....a ton of Indian students and I think Chinese students are coming in by the dozens next. Schedules are always busy and fill up days in advance....very courteous staff that work the main desk.