August Photos


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It's now been about five weeks since I have worked last which is nice. We finally did get the Conquest back, but it is still not working right, so it could be another week or so. I have been flying a little at my second job, but I think I only did 35 hours in July and around 15 so far for August. Anyway, here are the photos:

Final for 32 at Wilmington, De

The two of our ages combined are still only like half of the age of this plane!

Great day for the AI to fail!

Luckily I have two AIs

There was no gold

Dover lineup

Thanks for the efficient routing Philly!

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Nice photos! Any particular reason for the routing in the last photo that you know of?
Because NY, PHL and DC like to make life as miserable as possible when operating into, out of, or through their airspace. It ain't much better in the high altitude strata.