August at FSI


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Hey FSI crew (Chunk, E. Moles, Veronaut and friends)...Have you seen the new August start class yet? I heard there were around pre privates and about 10-15 private audits? I'm really looking forward to getting back down there, let me tell you, enjoy the good maintenance that they have because the school I'm is marginal at best in that category. Well, hope you guys are enjoying Step II, it's fun! If I had to pass on one thing to Step 2'ers it would be one word...Courtesy Car! Yeah! In fact I had a friend who flew to Fort Lauderdale Exec (back when you could...) and took the car down to Miami!! Spent 4 hours with the car! Take care guys and hope to see ya soon!
Things do appear to be looking good, enrollement is up and word has it ACA is interviewing another 16 instructors in the next 2 months, ASA is also looking to interview (mabye even restart the bridge program later this fall?)
Its a good thing your working, my advice is to stay sharp and as current as possible. Stand class is no joke, they totally expect you to be as good (better actually) at teaching everything than when you left. There is no simpathy or special disponsation given for the delay in coming on line. So stay CURRENT!
Good luck and see you soon.
I talked to a guy in Pvt Audit and he said there were about 18-20 in his class. He started today.

Enrollments look good for August and especially September, which is obviously very good news for everyone. And yeah, ACA is looking to hire more in the next 2 months....Mesa has also started collecting resumes for 1000TT/100multi and ASA may start hiring. All good news too. The biggest news for instructors may be that the ASA program is starting up least thats what was said in our group meetings this week. That would be HUGE for instructors....and the school. That brought in SO many students. If that happens, things will be very good here again so cross your fingers.