Audio of JFK tower evacuation on MP3. Cool file!


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June 25th

The Aviation Herald said:
Fire at JFK's control tower disrupts traffic for an hour
By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Jun 26th 2008 09:50Z, last updated Thursday, Jun 26th 2008 09:50Z

A fire in the 15th floor of the control tower building at New York's JFK Airport forced the evacuation of the airport's tower controllers, located in the 17th floor Wednesday afternoon between 2036Z (1636 EDT) and 2135Z. All departing traffic was halted resulting in flight delays of up to two hours, inbound traffic was handled from a backup tower.

The fire was quickly brought under control, smoke removal accomplished about an hour later and normal operations resumed.


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That took some testicular fortitude for sure, great recording!

And, nice to see Honu hasn't disappeared into the great beyond!