Attn CFIs, help with my BFR!


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So I'm due for my first BFR this month, and I was just wondering what I can do to help my BFR go smoothly. What sorts of things have you seen people do that were good, and what would you like people to do before they come to you for their flight review?
Just show up and be prepared to learn something new. If you could review the procedures for your maneuvers it would help, but dont think of it as a checkride by any means, its just a chance to polish your rusty maneuvers and get a little ground school...
I usually talk to the pilot prior and ask what they think they need to work on (XC planning, touch and go's ect) then sit down with them before the flight and make a plan with them for the BFR. I always make a point of emphasing that its not a checkride -lets use the time for review. Most people will realize if they are not safe and need to get with an instructor for some practice.
CFIs will also use this flight to drum up a student or two (I know I did!) Someone has flown with you and is comfortable, thats the best time to pitch an instrument or commercial add on..
My goal is to see how long I can go without doing a BFR.
Through additional ratings or Wings phases, shouldn't be hard to do. Heck, if push comes to shove, my annual club checkout would suffice as one.
Aloft....I've been flying steady for 4 years plus. I've had yet to do a flight review and I'm good through May of 05.
Well I took my first lesson in the fall of 1990 and have logged a total of 4,000 hours since then and have NEVER taken a BFR. I've given BFR's, added new type ratings and certificates, done more 6 month prof checks in the sim than I care to remember but have never once done a BFR.

Here's a useful AC that has some info for BFRs, Instrument Competency, etc...

Advisory Circular 61-98a

Might give you an idea of what to review.

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Thank you! I see by your avatar you're in Chicago, are you a CFI, and if you are what airport are you at?
Yes, I'm a CFI (CFII even!), but as of yet I haven't started the job search. I just got back from FlightSafety a couple of weeks ago. I'm waiting for the ink to dry on my temp certificate!

I did my private out of Midway (General Aviators) which was pretty cool. I'm living in Elgin now, so I'm hoping to get something at DuPage because it's just down the street...

Where are you located?

I'm just down the road in Palatine! I got my PPL in JVL, and I'd love to have my old instructor do my BFR, but he's flying frieght in SDF and I don't know if we'd be able to get together with his schedule. My very first couple of lessons (1997) were at 3CK (Lake in the Hills), but I'm glad I did most of my training at JVL. Tower controlled, decent-sized airport, not much traffic during the day on weekdays. Of course it helped sway my decision to train there that my dad was the director of maintenance at the flight school!

Congrats on completing Flight Safety!