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What headsets are teh pilots using in the 1900. a lightweight like in a jet or bigger like the david clark?
I use DC with ANR. Its great!
I used to use standard DC's on a night freight job which were 3 hour sectors and I was coming out with bad headaches... As previously stated, the 1900s are loud (not as loud as Metro's though!)
Spend the extra on the ANR, its worth every cent.
I use the DC ANC when flying the C-12 (BE-200). Absolutely positively worth it. I just did a long trip (Washington DC to Guantanamo Bay Cuba and back) and had no noise fatique complaints.
I use the standard DC's, one of these days I will probably upgrade to the ANR.
Thanks for all the replies, I just had no idea I have only been in a turbo prop once and never flown it. I have been using the Tlx 750, and am looking into the new 850, maybe in the fall.

My friend is on the short list to fly FO in the 1900, and I was totally lacking in advice ( I know... I know.. but it **does** happen)

Thank you!

here is the 850, a cool idea.
I use a DC13.4. I used my Lightspeed 20XL for a trip, but the battery box was a hassle, and the ANR didn't make that much of a difference to me.

Most of the folks I've flown with use DC, most passive. I've seen some Telex ANR, some Lightspeed, and a Bose, but nothing lightweight.