Attitude Flying


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I was just browsing Mazzei Flying Service's webpage and they go on about attitde flying. They attemp to explain it on their page, but not very well. Can someone tell me what attitude flying really is?
We don't use airspeed and power settings, but rather use audible power changes and pitch settings

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Huh? That's what they teach primary flight students? I might be missing something but that seems rather....stupid.

The primary student needs proper pitch and power settings for different phases of flight and not, "Well, that feels/sounds about right". That may work after gaining some experience but not in the beginning. I could write a book on the subject but I'll leave it at that.
Like I said, I explained it really poorly. It actually isn't stupid at all. When you see it, or have it explained to you much better than I apparently can, it makes sense. I really should just delete that post entirely, I explained it so badly.
Now that I go back and look at my notes and think about it some more, I didn't just explain it poorly. I explained it downright badly. I'm going to talk with my instructor and see if I can't do better on my next post.