ATP's CFI Program


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ATP\'s CFI Program

I'm looking at ATP's CFI program (CFI, CFII, MEI), and at 14 days it seems like a VERY short time. Can anybody give met the gouge on this program? Is it extremely difficult to complete?
Re: ATP\'s CFI Program

I have not done the course yet. But I am scheduled to go March the 3rd at their new location in Atlanta. I have recieved their Information supplement. They give you: FAR/AIM book, All PTS's (PPL,IR,PPM,CPM,CPS,CFI,CFII,CFM) booklets, Faa published Instructor Flying Handbook, Instrument Flying handbook, and Airplane Flying handbook. Also ATP's Seminole supplement, and checklists, Pilot's Information Manual for Cessna 172 and Piper Seminole, and a Blue folder full of endorcements, and about more than a hundred questions to answer. Boy, this two weeks prior to the course have been intense. But I tell you, all this studying has made me "twice" the knowledgeble pilot that I was before. I will be checking into the forums once I am done over there, and let everyone know in details how it was.