ATP Students Reflect Well on Their School


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Well, let me first say congrats to all of the people posting here on the ATP forum. Students are a direct reflection of the school they goto, and this is this first forum that I have visited where people have not started bashing each others school and never end up answering the original question. Compared to the rest of the forums ATP students have reflected their schools the best.

Anyways, I have been confused on what school I want to attend as many are or have been. Right now, I have changed my mind quite often, mainly for the simple fact that I did not figure out what my priorities are, which now I have: recieve the best education possible, make sure its affordable, and recieve plenty of multi time. Currently, I am leaning towards ATP, about 75%, because it meets all of my priorities. My other choice right now is Ari-Ben.

So now that I've strayed away from my question, here it is: Is there anything that you did not like or would like to see changed about the school (no matter how big or how small)? Thanks.
Thats exactly how I felt. Believe it or not the main reason I picked ATP was because of this forum. I visited PanAm, ATA, and DCA. I never set foot on an ATP facility. I just called and put down a deposit. Which is kinda stupid, but it worked out. I encourage you to take a tour of the schools you are interseted in.

If I had my way, I would want to do it over 4 months and have the weekends off. But I am just nitpicking. Its a great program, but it is a lot of work. If you have your writtens done it makes life a lot easier. They will be starting the self paced career pilot program come the new year. So keep an eye out for that. if you have anyother questions you can pm me if you would like. hope this helped.

I must say that I am also one who made my choice through the Jetcareers forum. I am also starting at ATP in January and am excited as all hell.

I had pamplets from every school known to man... so I spread them out and highlited things like price, aircraft, and flight times. I called and asked questions as well. I must say I drilled people to death. I wasn't going to make the same uninformed decision I had made before (oops i mean mistake)

Same here, I went back and forth between ATP and another school, liking what ATP had to offer but concerned over the short timeframe and whether I would be able to do it. Having done the program, I believe it is the best way by far-you fly so much you get very good very quickly. The student carries all of the responsibility of studying and learning the background knowledge, just like at the airlines. When I finished the program I thought I made the right choice, and now that I work for them as a CFI I know for sure. I'm flying almost every day building multi time.

The ACP program is a lot of fun, and getting the writtens done and knowing the entire Seminole Training Supplement prior to arrival will pay huge dividends.
Yeah, like everyone else, I was having a tough time deciding on which school to attend. It took me about six months, but I just put my deposit in with ATP on monday. I am feeling very confident that I made the right decision, and one of the reasons is all the ATP staff, students and grads that I have spoken with. Anyways good luck.
Lakunas, making that critical choice of which flight school to attend is really a tough decision. Getting the correct information about every flight school and what they have to offer may be even tougher. When you hear about a flight school (no matter how), you should take into consideration the sources background and circumstances. I mean what exactly are they going through in their lives? Normally, you'll find their opinion usually is swayed by their background. I mean some people are married, some have kids, some work for a living, and some are even spoiled brats!!! Now, when these types of people make the WRONG decision, a person in your shoes might be pointed the wrong direction. So you might be a victim of making the wrong choice because THEY made the wrong choice! Naturally, if they picked the wrong school for themselves, they're not going to have a very good opinion on the school they chose.....most of the time. Now, obvious problems people encounter that SHOULD be expected for AVERAGE service should be taken into my instructor never showed up, I have no plane to fly in, or my instructor never signed my logbook. Simply, you as the customer should have a standard of service minimum that you will not tolerate being breached. Hearing things from others that would compromise this level SHOULD be NOTED.

I went through the ATP Airline Career Pilot Program and I'm glad I did. I was tired of the "slow" route to my aviation dream. My private took me over a year to complete (thanks Cliff Hyde) and I was dying to get to a place I could finish my training fast and efficiently WITHOUT sacrificing QUALITY. ATP was my choice.

Why did I choose ATP? I had a friend that I met in a 141 school who had gone through the ACP program and he gave me the run down on how their program went and what they expected from the student. As he finished getting his CFI tickets, I was still working on my Private!

I must admit, I was a little sceptical about getting all these ratings in 90 days. In fact, I asked myself......"what did you get yourself into?" When you dish out all this money for your training, you're gonna grow up quick. Especially, if you have a wife waiting to quit her job one day so you can bring home the bacon!!! LOL. At ATP, you're going to spend so much time with the Piper Seminole that when they ask you to do two checkrides (MEI/II) in one're gonna say "I can do it." Remember, you're basically doing the same manuevers over and over again in all the checkrides except for the CFI single. There are a few small differences in each checkride, but nothing too major to grasp.

I wish you well in your pursuit of aviation excellence.
Thanks for your response AdrockAviator. I agree it is important that you should obtain as much information as possible, and take into consideration the sources background and circumstances.

I have been researching flight schools for about 3 solid months now, and have been cruising jetcareers for about 2 months.

I understand that each school is going to have that student that is just going to bad mouth that school, even though it might have been the students fault that his experience there was horrible. Currently, I am attending Saint Louis Univ. (home of the Bilikens) and some students do bad mouth it, even though it was the right decision for me. The same could happen with the flight school I choose, some may bad mouth it, but it could be the right decision for me.

The difference comes when students from certain schools cruise over to other forums to voice their opinions about that school, which I think they should have the right to do so. However, most of the time the students attending the school of that forum start bad mouthing the other pilot in a childish manner. In one of the Pan Am forums, someone actually attacked the person personally by listing all the mistakes the pilot had made so far in his flying career. In a FSI forum (I believe) they attacked a persons typing skills. What do these things have to do with proving that your school is a good school? If someone post something bad about your school, either admit that that is how it is there or explain what it is really like there. Theres no need for these childish fights that don't get the answer questioned.

Like I said in my first post, students are a reflection of the school that they attend, and well ATP students do indeed reflect well on their school.

And thanks to those who replied to my first question.