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Any of you ATP guys,

Did you try to memorize the entire supp they sent you or just the parts that said "MEMORIZE" or "Memory Items". The other stuff in there seems good to know too. But, is it worth the brain cells to memorize it or will you have a checklist that covers it? /ubbthreads/images/icons/confused.gif Thanks in advance
If it's in the supplement, you need to know it. Memorize it before you start, and you'll do fine. If you can answer the oral questions in the back, you've finished.

You get a very thorough checklist, but things like the difference between a configuration flow and a gear-down before landing check, which maneuvers need them and when to perfom them during the maneuver are all in the supplement. The maneuvers are in your checklist, but you'll be a little busy with two handsful of Seminole early on and knowing them beforehand is almost absolutely necessary.

On top of all of that, staying ahead of the simulator means you really need to know that supplement. Two seconds of flipping pages and cross-referencing is plenty of time for the sim to bite its own tail.

This is my perspective as a student... I suggest you pick at Travis for an instructor's POV.

Thanks Sig. I will get into that supp asap. I will have to pick your brain a little more about ATP via your email. I haven't seen any new post from SOCAL in a while, so he must be busy instructing.

From an instructor's POV it's the best thing since sliced bread when a student comes along and already knows the supplement.
The student will be able to focus on the execution of the maneuver instead of using time and cognition trying to figure out what comes next.
The student will be ready for the oral part of the checkride already before we see them if they know the supplement.

In short, the student will have a /lot/ more left from the course if they know the supplement, even though you could of course pass without knowing it.
I would even venture to say a mediocre student will do better, knowing the supplement, than an expert who doesn't know it.

So in short; Do yourself a favour, and memorize it.