ATP Recommendations?


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Although I still have over a year to decide where I want to finish up my ratings, I think I've finally settled on ATP as the place to go.

I've been getting a lot of recommendations and positive comments from the users on this board. Couple that with short training time to get the CFIs (all flavors), I think I may go there.

Would I be making the safest choice by going to ATP, over Pan Am or FlightSafety? Also, do you have go to a FSDO to get your CFI, CFII, and MEI, or is ATP a "designated testing facility?"


If you are wanting to attend a flight school with fast and efficient training for a one time SET IN STONE price, ATP is your safest bet. As our message says when you are on hold to the admin office (and lord knows i've been there plenty) we are the one time, one place, ONE PRICE, flight training specialists. I completed the Career Pilot Program last fall and have more experience that people back home who were flight training almost two years before I even started. The choice is yours alone. Research as much as possible and make the decision that is best for you. With regards to your question about FSDO, students do not have to go to FSDO for their CFI, CFII, or MEI (or at least not that I've been made aware of). Good luck with your career.

Craig Browning
Instructor, ATP Raleigh-Duram
Hey NeedsaLIFT, I'm in the RDU area and didn't know if I could ask you some questions about the program sometime?
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