ATP or American Flyers


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I have been looking at ATP and American flyers. I really like what both have to offer. I am leaning a little more towards AF over ATP for no particular reason. I really like the multi time ATP offers.

My question is, If I attend a school like ATP and come out with almost 200 multi hours, will I really be that far ahead?

But if I attend a school like AF, which I am leaning towards, I will come out with less complex time and no multi time. Then attend their CFI acadamy and go to ATP for multi training
Would this be a bad way to go?

I know how hard it is going to be to get Multi time, so would ATP be the way to go? Or does it really matter since I will have to instruct and hopefully charter for a while after training? I am a little over 30 so I would like to get as far as I can as soon as I can. As far as experience goes(complex, multi etc...)

What would you guys suggest? Is one of these routes a better way to go than the other? Is multi time that important to get as soon as possable?

All comments welcome!!

Thanks for the help!
I have decided to try ATP's 10hr multi-engine program in Riverside on the 16th of this month. I will let you know what my experience is like. I have read many post on this and other forums about both schools and most of the posts regarding ATP are good. I have heard some negative things about AF, mostly regarding paying more than the advertised price, but it could be false. I do not know what your plans in aviaiton are but multi-engine time is not easy to come by and givin the fact that ATP operated mostly newer, well maintained aircraft is a big plus in my opinion. I'm not sure what location you would consider for AF, but I have heard the aircraft in the Santa Monica location are not that great. I can tell you that the hourly rate for a 172 is 140.00 an HR for the first 30 days after you take the CFI training(if you need more flight time), and then(are you sitting down)175.00 after that! This is from thier info that they sent me when I was considering thier CFI program. Hope this helps.
I just finished ATP's program, and am out looking for a job as a CFI. In every interview I have had so far, they are impressed with the multi time and tell me that it will be valuable later on when I get my total time higher. Multi time is very difficult to get, and I appreciate that now more than ever. I really like the Seminole, and had a blast flying it around the Eastern US.
I looked at alot of light schools before I opted for ATP. The multi time alone is hard to beat.