ATP Multi-Engine Program.


New Member
I went to the ATP INC. facility in Birmingham, Alabama. I got my multi-engine in 3 days. I totally enjoyed the program! It was the best flight program I have been through yet. Very structured and organized. After I left ATP with my freshly printed rating somehow I managed to get a full time Cessna 421 job. Then, one day I took off out of Nashville, Tennessee going direct to Mobile, Alabama. All of a sudden as I was climbing through 3,000 feet the left engine totally shut off. I was due to 2 cylinders cracked. I managed to the engine secured and landed at a small airport just south of Nashville. With all that said, here is my point. I feel that the training I received at ATP saved my life that day. I was totally confident in my skills to get that aircraft on the ground. So I will recommend ATP INC. to anyone.

Jeremy Moncrief CFI
nice work. i too have considered doing the multi program there. its very quick and they often have specials on the 3-4 day multi training.