ATP Advertising


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Kudos to AllATPs!

I see their ad on this website. has directly increased their student load. I know I went there because of the great information from this website.

It's nice to see a win-win for everyone.

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Hey there Jedi,

Same here... It was between Delta and Pan-Am for me. Then thought what the heck, I'll send off for some info from ATP. I then got a call from Ed Ray who answered a lot of my questions. I was still a bit skeptical and then he suggested that I go to and poke around the forums for some more information on ATP and other flight schools.

Well that did it... after following the threads of folks like SOCAL, SIG, and CAPNJIM, and asking tons of questions in the forums... I made up my mind to go with them instead.

So basically... because of JC... I am going to ATP.

I start in less than two weeks! Can't wait!