ATM job placement

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It's nothing against you...I just don't know any information on the subject, and considering the industry right now, not many pilots really want to know management's hiring, considering how many pilots are unemployed.

To be honest with you, I looked at the post because I thought you were an AMT that just wrote it backwards. I am a Riddle grad, but did not know of the ATM degree.
Is this an ATC type of degree or management??? I wish you the best of luck in the future and if I hear anything I will find you on here and give you some info.

If you have specific questions, maybe you might get a better response.


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All I know is that ATC jobs are in the process of being privatized. Used to be very much a government entity, but things are in the process of changing. I think right now the market is still pretty much saturated, but that is just the rumor from some local MD controllers. You should probablly get in touch with an academic advisor down in Daytona. They could tell you more I am sure.