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How is everything going there ? Anybody currently attending ? What about the living quarters, how are they ?

Things in Atlanta are going great. We currently have a good bit of students and just got new apartments that are extremely nice.
How many planes do you guys have down there in Atlanta? And what airport are you guys at. Oh yeah, one more thing, do you all get a lot of flight cancellations due to weather? 1.
weather isnt too bad, we usually get things done one way or another. We have around 4-7 planes at any given time. We are at fulton county airport FTY
hey hunter! how long are you planning on being in Atlanta? I plan on coming in June 2004. Arent you coming to Auburn to instruct and to get your Degree? Also, how long did you answer phones before you got an instructing job; did you take the first one available? one more thing...are the career pilot locations better, as far a building time, than all the other ATP locations?
I am still unsure about how long to stay with ATP, i really like the company and love the flying I am doing here. Getting to do Multi instrument training is awsome. But I do need to get my degree soon. So I am considering online classes while I instruct here in Atlanta. I was in the office for 6 weeks, went to chicago to instruct for 2 months, then came to atlanta and have been here since May 10th. Career locations are just as good as add-on locations. it all depends on where you are and what the weather is like there. But ATL is good.
Thanks Hunter.. I was there last Nov for my enrollment interview, which went well but I have been out of contact since then trying to decide when and where to go (for further training). Lately, I have been leaning towards ATP in Atlanta. So , my question is , since it has been since last Nov. since I have been there, do I need to do the enrollment interview over again or is it still current ? Jeff Kopp was the instructor that I talked to he still there ?

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Are you still in ATL? I am having some debates on whether or not ATL or Dallas is for me..

I like the Marietta area... I'll be doing my interview there on the 30th of this month..

Just beware of the traffic - driving from Marietta down to FTY will be an "adventure" for a good part of the day.
Hey Tram, good luck in Dallas. Keep us apprised of any inside "info" that may come up.

Just got done watching UCONN beat up GA Tech. Up by 25, and then they finally kept hitting those threes. I'm sure you were rooting for Tech since you are from that area. I'm not big into basketball, but the game was great-HUSKIES 2004 National Champions!!
Basketball? What's that?

I'm an Alabama fan when it comes to college sports.. They got put out a while back..