ATC Simulator

Chris Barnes

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Has anyone tried, or used, the ATC Simulator from Aerostudios? Just wondering if any current controllers have tried it and their opinions. It was developed by an ex-controller so I would assume it has SOME validity.


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Our Dean of the aviation program where I go to school knew the guy who created it so he had us use it in our ATC lab. Pretty good stuff though I have no idea how accurate it really is.


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i think its good for developing a scan and doing vectoring. that is about it. Approaches are not pretty and you get a lot of false conflict alerts. Entry and exit points are weird and your sector doesn't even seem to have a set ceiling. I agree its just a game, though a not bad representation of an ARTS scope. Oh and good luck getting voice recognition working.


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As long as we're on the topic, does anyone have any comments on how realistic/helpful 1. Tower Sim or 2. Playing ATC in FSX are? I've got a copy of both and have yet to try either. I realize that in FSX people are pretty much free to do whatever they want, regardless of an armchair controller's instructions, but with the amount of people who take FSX seriously I wonder if it'd have any benefit for those trying to get into the real thing.

Like me. *cough*