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is there any ATA graduates out there that have been hired by a regional since Sept. 11 ? they claim to have a 100% hire rate for their graduates.
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in a letter i received 3 weeks ago it said 100% hire rate. i just received a letter today from them that still claims that they are currently training pilots for jobs at American Eagle Airlines.
I was quoted the 100% hire rate over the phone... I don't remember the exact way that it was phrased to me, but my impression was that 100% of the graduating students had been hired (by a regional).

scribble scribble (adding more questions to my list).
Here's some questions to ask next time you talk to ATA.

a. Is the job a flying job or an internship?
b. Is it a paid position?
c. If it's an internship, wouldn't I be better off instructing?

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I am currently on furlough from American Eagle. I also went to ATA. I know people at some of the other regionals mentioned here. Any questions in particular that have not already been addressed?
ACA has no one on furlough. As for Northwest Airlink, there are 2 airlines that comprise it: Mesaba Airlines and Express Airlines I. I think Mesaba did have pilots on furlough, but I'm pretty sure they recalled almost everybody, if not everybody. No clue as for Express I though.
ACA is doing very well. My cousin is an F.O. there, and he just got awarded a captain slot and he starts training in August. They also just hired a few CFI's from FSI.

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there is no deal with horizon, or pinnacle airlines. ata marketing at least should try to lie about facts that are not easy to research. then again, that would imply intelligence on their part.