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The following is an excerpt from a Delta ALPA brief that may help our furloughed pilots:

ASA Preferential Hiring
The MEC passed a resolution of appreciation for the ASA MEC's support of hiring furloughed Delta pilots without requiring them to resign from the Delta seniority list. The MEC also directed the Chairman to seek an agreement with Delta management that provides for the preferential hiring of ASA pilots at Delta and the preferential hiring of furloughed Delta pilots at ASA.

Comair pilots pretty much told us and our furloughed pilots to more or less "pack sand".

Always a cold beer in the fridge for an ASA pilot at the Taylor family hogan.
Actually, Doug is correct. A hogan is a small mud brick home, similar to adobe, used in large part by southwestern Native Americans. And were I an ASA pilot, I would love to share a cold one in the Taylor hogan.
Wouldnt this end up hurting ASA? Once Delta starts to recall its furloughed pilots, ASA will loose a bunch of people in a short time. Woudldn't they rather pay to train pilots that will work there for 5 years, rather than 1-2?
Wouldnt this end up hurting ASA? Once Delta starts to recall its furloughed pilots, ASA will loose a bunch of people in a short time. Woudldn't they rather pay to train pilots that will work there for 5 years, rather than 1-2?

[/ QUOTE ]

I believe that why CMR didn't go along with the whole preferential hiring deal. Plus I heard the CMR MEC did want the scope relaxed(or completely scrapped by some accounts) which might have put a knife in any deal. Also I heard (I don't know how true this is so don't flame me) that the CMR pilots don't want the furloughed mainline guys to come to Comair and vote for something that would benifit mainline and not the Comair pilots. There is a whole 4 page thread on this and another 5 page thread on RJDC at FlightInfo. It really makes for interesting reading. In any case it looks like more whipsawing by DL mangement......I truly hope the DL/CMR/ASA pilot groups get together and work things out
I think the experience they gain that these guys bring, the attention they get, etc will all help them out in the long run. People will look highly at this airline for their taking the high moral ground, and show they are concerned about others, this does more for them then you would ever imagine.
I think ASA did a fantastic thing by supporting preferential hiring for Delta furloughs.

I've got pilots that I'm sponsoring that have been furloughed since October 2001 that appreciate the gesture by ASA and it will be remembered once things turn around at mainline.

The concept was simple. Preferentially hire Delta furloughs and we'll reciprocate by preferentially hiring ASA pilots that want to jump to mainline when things turn around.

It's unfortunate that the Comair group decided to throw a bunch of unreasonable stipulations and then tell us to "hit the road".

Besides, it wouldn't hurt because DELTA bears all of the costs for training and subsequent attrition due to re-hiring at mainline.

Personally, I have a very long memory.
Thats excellent! But that pretty much closes the door to new pilots with 1500 or so hours, I would think? Doug anything to say about that?
In regards to hurting the 1500 hour pilots, lets think about the big picture here. The airline industry isn't at its best time right now. If I was management and I had a chance to have delta pilots sitting in my seats or 1500 hour guys from a small regional or a cfi program I know who I would choose.

The fact is, those of us who have been in the industry for a bit of time have had good times and bad times. This is the industry in which we joined. When I was hired to my first big regional airline I had 3400 hours (now its about 1100 hours)and was the youngest guy in the system. That resulted in 6 months airport ready reserve in LAX. Things moved on quite well from there, so I was fortunate to get a job flying for someone with bigger jets and paycheck. This is how it works. It's all about timing and the luck you have on your journey. We have all had 1500 hours at one time, and can appreciate the position and desire you have to move ahead in the industry, but unfortunately market forces dominate.

Sadly, as jobs get tighter the less qualified will be left out. The Delta guys are fortunate to have this back up and vice versa for the opportunity it might give ASA guys. As Far as the 1500 our guys, keep the faith and eventually it will work out. It sucks when your just about there and the carpet gets taken away, but please remember those guys who are going to ASA have been on this road for quite some time. Good times are ahead, you just have to sit back and wait for your time.

I apologize to those who might not like my thread, but eventualy you will see that an agreement like this is a benefit to all pilots in the industry.
I've got pilots that I'm sponsoring that have been furloughed since October 2001

[/ QUOTE ]

What does it mean to sponsor pilots Doug?
Well there are about four furloughed Delta pilots that I keep in contact with to check up on. Basically if they have specific questions, I'm a point of contact.

It's actually a pretty depressing job. I'm sponsoring one of my best friends who got furloughed -- generally he's a extrememly talkative and gregarious pal, but being on furlough and not being able to find suitable employment (or any at all actually) has taken a gigantic effect on his personality.

Things are ugly in the industry, but I think they were uglier back in the early 1990's.
Was it the pilots at Comair that were against hiring the furloughed pilots or managment? I'd hate to see pilots get blamed for a crappy managment decision...
The Comair MEC is still pissed about the Delta scope clause so we were pretty much told to get lost until we wanted to talk about scope relief and some other issues.

So, yup, the pilots. But only some of them.
Pretty sad that the Comair pilots are acting this way. My best friend's boyfriend is currently at CAA, and thinks he will be at Delta in 5 years (no degree mind you). I think he needs a reality check. Not only will he not be there in 5 years with the current state of the industry (not to mention NO degree!), but the Comair pilots just screwed themselves over BIG time.

Kudos to ASA. Although still part of the RJDC (ASA is), pretty classy thing to do for Delta pilots, I must say.
Actually, a lot of the ASA pilots are helping us fight the RJDC which is cool.
Refresh my memory: what's so cool about limiting the growth potential of other pilots' careers? With the current health of the industry, the regionals might be the final stop for career changers like me.
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