ASA looks like a sure thing!!!


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It has been a rumor for some time that ASA is going to start up again on a limited basis. That seems to be a sure thing now. I have spoken to several of the "head honchos" in the last two days and it seems that the initial Seneca class will be begining on August 26th. There is also a stan class going through very soon. The poeple I talked to stressed that the dates could definitely change, but ASA is for sure a reality again. There are about 80 folks on the waiting list left over from pre- september 11th programs. While not all of the people will come back for the training, I'm sure it will be a while before the program will start accepting flightsafety CIME folks again.
There is a meeting tomorrow for Marketing and some Instructors to go over the details. I will fill everyone in after I speak with my contact.
Just thought everyone could use some good news.