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Hi everyone,
I am a 19 year old currently in Charlotte, NC who wants to be a pilot. I am currently in my second year of college pretty much just taking random courses at this point. Next year I am looking at transferring to a university that has an aviation program. Right now ASU is my prime choice. I have several reasons for ASU over the other schools. One of the main reasons I want to do this through university and not FBO is that I want to get this flying thing going soon, and as a child of an airline employee I have to be registered full time in school to maintain insurance eligibility, and non-rev travel (which I use a lot).

-Cost, even with out of state tuition, going to ASU would be cheaper than the private schools such as ERAU and Daniel Webster

-Location, getting between CLT and PHX is pretty easy on US. Much easier than Nashua, NH or Grand Forks, ND (nearest US station is Minneapolis). Not to mention the nice weather in the valley of the sun

After this spring semester ends, I should have about 40 credit hours coming from another university and community college. Those should take care of all my lower level general education courses, leaving room in my schedule to possibly pursue a double major, or at the least a minor.

Thanks for reading my rant, and I appreciate any other opinions or suggestions for me.


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Some of your credits might not transfer. ASU, especially the flight program, is strict on what they accept. If you have any questions on the program let me know.


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Arizona State has a good flight program. I had a associates degree from a community college in VA and I am ranked as a sophomore at ASU where they took hardly any of my credits. Since you want to do the college route also look at:

Auburn University - Great program, Montgomery is close and is served by US.
Middle Tennessee State University - Drive? Possibility of in state tuition through a deal they do with neighboring states I have heard about.
Western Michigan - Kalamazoo is served by US