Ari Ben? FSI? Pan Am? Comair? ATP? ATA? Arggggh!


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I'm driving myself crazy looking at all of these school's websites, brochures, and of course all of the posts in the forums. I'm planning on going to Florida to check them out and make my own judgments as well, but I have yet to find anything on Ari Ben in the forums. Anybody have any experience with them? Also, I've compiled a list of questions that I plan on asking each school. Does anybody have anything to add to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't really want to start a "this school is better than that school" debate, but I'd like to be well prepared to grill each school with such a barrage of questions that when I finally do decide (or don't decide) on a school, that I'll know exactly what I'm getting into and have only myself to blame for being unhappy with my situation if that becomes the case.

Just so that there's a little background information on my situation (i'm a poet and i don't know it), I'm 32 years old and I don't plan on taking the university approach, but I do plan on transferring my 30-38 credits of general education courses to UVSC to complete a degree. I'm hoping to finish my A.A.S. while instructing (or even while in school) and then complete my B.S. while working for a regional. Of course I'm keeping my fingers crossed about that last part!

I almost don't want to open this can of worms, but are there any other schools that would offer an accelerated program that I haven't considered that maybe I should?

Now onto the questions. I keep thinking of ones here and there, so I’m sure that I’ve missed some things. Anybody got any good ones?

<ul type="square">Approx total cost?
What are the rates for instruction?
What are the rates for airplane rental?
Other than the above costs, what can I expect to pay? (not including housing)
Federal financial aid?
Private financial aid?
Is there a deposit and is it refundable?
Is housing included?
Is there a cap to how much I will pay? If not, how is the extra figured? If so, is there a limit to the amount of training that I can receive and at who’s discretion? (i.e. If I don’t feel confident in an area and want to repeat it, will that be a problem?)
Can I have a copy of ALL of the agreements that I will be required to sign so that I can have time to fully look them over and understand their full meanings?
Is there a charge for canceled flights, i.e. illness, family emergency, etc.
Is there a charge for canceled flights for reasons beyond my control?, war, etc.
Is the estimated cost based on federal minimums or ‘average’ student time.
If housing isn’t included, do you offer on-campus housing or assistance w/ off-campus housing? Estimated cost/month?
Are uniforms required and how much do they cost?
Are there any discounts on rentals and/or training for hired CFIs? [/list]
<ul type="square"> How long is the program on average with PPL completed?
When are the 1st openings?
Is it possible to attend UVSC correspondence coursed during training? I.e. Will I have enough time to do that? [/list]
<ul type="square"> Class size?
Degree programs?
How many hours do you have upon completing the program and how many are multi (not including instructing)?
I want to start studying Instrument ground school material now in my spare time. What books/kit do you use for that?
Does the program include any sort of airline/turbine transition training? [/list]
<ul type="square"> Approx. how many hours will you instruct?
What percentage of students qualify and are hired as an instructor?
What’s the pay for instructing? [/list]
<ul type="square"> Affiliations with airlines? [/list]
... How many of your grad have gone to airlines ( Percentage) this year??? ask to see result in paper, or if conta can be made with former students??

how many students have droped out and why??

student to instructor ratio???

ask if u can speak with sudents freely( with out supervision)

****** Ask if your Lawer can review the contract( if their is a contract) ..

Any Scheduleing problems???
Maintaince problems ( ask to see Maint hanger) ( ask to see aircrafts) ask if u can get inside their aircrafts ( if they say no.... ask why not.... mention to them that " i just want to see inside the aircraft that i will spending 50k+ training in"

.............. hope this helps alittle............
Those are all great. I'll add them to my list. I plan on being a pretty big pain in the ass, but hey it's my money.