Ari Ben Aviator, is it any good?


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I've been researching different accelerated flight schools, and the two I thought looked best for me were ATP and maybe the Airman Flight School in Oklahoma (sort of a darkhorse). I plan on getting my PPL locally while working and saving money, and then I want to get all my ratings after that as quickly as possible. For some reason, I had never noticed Air Ben until today, and it sounds pretty good. I can head over there with my PPL and leave with all the same ratings as I would get at ATP and even a few more multi-engine hours, but it would cost like $10,000+ less! Based on my VERY limited knowlegde right now it looks like the new front-runner.

I would like to hear anything you guys have to say about Air Ben. They say you get 3 months housing included, but don't actually say how long it takes to finish the Professional Pilot or 200 multi hour program. Also, I have a small dog and a cat. Do any of you know if Ari Ben would allow that in their housing? (I'd be interested to know that about ATP as well)

Well, thanks, later