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I was told that Ari Ben is right next door to Pan Am. There professional pilot course only cost $24,995 going in with a private including 3 months of housing. You do all your training in the Beech 76 (twin) besides your commerical single add on and CFI. And are guranteed a flight instructor posistion after completing the course. Do any of you guys know a lot about this school? I figured I would post on the forum since I was told it was right next door to the FPR Pam Am. To me this sounds like a heck of a deal for $24k. Its tough though bc I also want to goto Pan Am. Neone with ne info please fill me in.

the Aviator is kind of like the Community College equivelant of Panam. its seems that everyone that can't cut it at Panam moves right over to Aviatior....which is just fine, some people don't like the pace at Panam and from what i hear Aviator is much more of a flexible program. one friend that left Panam to go there was verbally promised two students when he became a CFI if he went through their program and did farily well. thats the extent of my knowledge on Air Ben
dak... that kinda sounds like complete BS bro...

"Can't cut it?"

Whats that about?... Pan ham is not the school of hardknocks.. its the school that takes your money Faster and farther for sure.

Im definatley thinking about Aviator as an option, you know why? Not because I can't cut it at pan am.. I am cutting it quite well, but the cost will be "CUT" in half if I/other people goto aviator.

As a backup to my cause, do a nice run-through of the Groundschool costs, and all your brief times and you will notice that you would be saving thousands.
i didn't mean it to sound like that...i have total respect for Air-Ben. i was speaking from experince with indiviiduals i personally know who basically bombed out of Panam (they would have bombed out of any school). these few, if allowed to reach the airlines, would seriously frighten me. i do mean that.

i wasn't trying to knock Air-Ben at all, i apologize if it sounded that way. i was just giving my take from what i've personally seen happen. i also know quite a few people who went to Air-Ben for the exact reasons you're talking about. it sounds like a great place to learn, and many people at Panam have looked into it.
hey man, I think I may have sounded as if I were jumping down your throat or somthing, I apologize, it wasn't my intent, no bad feelings

I am seriously giving consideration though as to aviator being my choice of training.

I have spoken to a few people here, and the recurring theme that I am seeing is people running out of money.
the financial problem for students is a huge issue. hey perp, hows things been down at school the past couple weeks?? i've been up in Buffalo enjoying the fall weather!
When I was down in Vero is stopped by AriBen to check out the aircraft. I was less than impressed. Granted I was used to FSI maintenance, but I am also used to my home FBO and a few others I have rented from. I am not saying the Aircraft were terrible, but I could not imagine spending a few hundred hours in the aircraft I saw. What I saw may have not been a great sample of their fleet. A friend of mine is doing the 100hr multi block there right now. I will report back in when I here from him.