Are You A Pilot?


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I thought this would be a unique survery & post to have.

Please post on the topic telling whether you're a pilot or not. If you're a pilot tell what kind of aircraft/& or aircrafts you fly & what routes you fly most. If you work for an airline tell what airline you work for.

If you're not a pilot, but are going through training & earning your flight certificates or if you are not going through training, but hope someday to work on becoming a pilot please post in the forum too. If you're going through flight training please tell what aircraft you fly, who is the company that you're going through flight training with, & what airline you're planning on working for if you're gonna work for one.
I'm not a pilot & I'm not going through flight training or earning any of my flight certificates right now. Hopefully, in about 2-4 years from now I plan on beginning to earn flight certificates. If I do become a pilot I would most likely start out with a LCC & work my way up till I became a pilot with AA, if they're still here by the time I'm old enough in a few years to become a pilot. I would love to earn my certificates right now, but I justed started school again & I have lots of courses that I'm required to take & some that I choose on my on. Hopefully when my schedule is not as frantic as it's now, wonder if that will come true, then during my spare Friday afternoons or Saturdays, if not during the summer vacation, I would like to earn certificates. But until then, work has got to be done.
Yeah I am a pilot, and I fly the Lear 35, and the Lear 55. I also fly my own Mooney.

Aircraft that I have flown (not been given a ride in…) include but are not limited to:

Citation 500 series,
Extra 300,
North American SNJ,
All the single engine Cessna’s, including a 185 on floats it was HUGE!!, Oh I have not yet flown a 195, but would love too,
The Staggerwing,
Culver Cadet,
Aeronca C-3, and Chief,
Glasair 3,
RV-4, and 8,
Sundowner (slowdowner),
Pt-19 and 17,
Waco (upf-4),
Cherokee 180, (my first airplane)
Comanche single and twin,

and I got “some” stick time in a dauphin helicopter, but I don’t think the pilot let go of the controls… heh
Yes, Comm/SEL/Inst soon to add MEL. Have flown mostly Cessna aircraft, 172R M SP's - 172RG - Cirrus SR22 - P28R-200 - Albitross( could not log it though)
Soon to have PPL (10hrs away)
Currently flying Piper Tomahawks

I have flown,
Cessna 152, 170, 172, T37B (af incentive flights)
1942 Meyers Biplane

Plan to fly for the USAF as i'm in AFROTC right now in college and have aspirations to fly the F15C

After that I would like to land a job either at Delta or Southwest Airlines.
Plan to fly for the USAF as i'm in AFROTC right now in college and have aspirations to fly the F15C


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hehe. Aspirations to fly circular holding patterns then....
Corporate. Currently flying King Airs (B200, C90, F90), Citation Bravo and Citation Five. I cover North America in the aircraft I fly. I am based in So. Cal and have been with current company for 2 years.
I'm a Commercial SE/ME Inst. pilot. I currently fly back and forth within a 20 square mile section of central florida in the Piper Cadet working on my CFI.

I have also flown this same plot of land (as well as the rest of Florida and one trip to NOLA) in the Seminole.

I did once see a hill when I flew into Northern Wisconsin from Chicago in a Cessna 152.

I hope to some day fly a light twin from Chicago to Japan, crossing over the bering staits.


I am a pilot with my Comm SE and ME with Instrument. I also my CFI/CFII and MEI. I have 680 hours and do most of my flying inside Florida with an occassional flight to the Bahamas or Georgia. Waiting for a better job!
Yep, I'm a SEL private pilot about 3/4 throught the instrument rating. I fly and own a Grumman Tiger. My day job (and wife) allow me to have an expensive and fun hobby. All day while sitting in a cubicle and working on a computer I dream of flying professionally. Hopefully some day I will.
No, but I did stay at a Holiday In Express last night.

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Those commercials are priceless.
Part Time CFI in my C-152 (and sometimesa C-172). Have a Commercial-Multi-Instrument-CFI rating though but never fly multi engine aircraft (to expensive where I am).
I lfy a Beech 1900 in Anchorage for a large 135 operator. I am also a CFI, CFII, and MEI.
I fly a Beech 1900 in Perth, Western Australia. We mainly fly charter but now have scheduled routes to some airports around Western Australia.
I have been flying with this company for a little over 3 yrs now.
Last time I checked, I had about 2000 hrs Total, 1300 hrs in the B1900, about 350 hrs in a Navajo, and the rest made up of training and private flying.

My goal is to fly for Cathay Pacific Airways or Virgin Blue.