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Just curious. How does ATP ensure that the apartment is kept nice? Do the apt managers inspect the place when each individual leaves? I'm just wondering, because it's a stretch to assume everyone is neat and clean. It helps that pilots are to a degree meticulous by nature. I have this nightmare, though, of walking into a rabbit warren of pizza boxes, roaches and dirty dishes, nasty carpet, etc...
I've lived in semi-communal living arrangements in college, and it was tough to keep everyone on the ball and the toilet cleaned, you know what I mean? Especially if people aren't going to be there for long. I understand about interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, etc.. I'm just trawling (not trolling!) for peoples' experiences.

Anyone run into any problems in this area, or am I just WAY off base with this and everything's hunky dory? Thanks!
That's a pretty good question.

It is now the ACP instructor's job to ensure that the apartments are clean upon check-in and check-out. If the student skips town and leaves a festering pit in his/her wake, he/she is fined $100.00.

This is actually an ingenious model. On top of all of our flight responsibilities, we REALLY don't want to have to clean (oh yeah, the instructor cleans up after someone who bails) somebody's now filthy place. I have a toddler and a house to keep up- plenty of babysitting and housekeeping for me. Now imagine my... consternation... if I walk into a freshly moved-out apartment, and it is trashed. It is a great motivator for the instructor to make sure the place is nice upon the student's exit. It works like a charm, too! I will withhold a student's receipts for reimbursement from the entire 90-day program until the place is clean- how's THAT for motivation?

I personally don't give a wet slap whether the apartment is perpetually skanked out by a student or not- while that student is there. When they leave, they better clean the place up nice and purty. I do care about actual damage to the place, however.

All in all, we accept adults into the program. They usually behave as such. I haven't had any problems at the new place here in DFW.
Funny you should ask... this is the ONLY problem I had at ATP. The place was by no means trashed but not necessarily what I would say to be clean. First thing I did was go to Wal-mart and got some tub cleaner and lysol wipes... scrubbed down the bathroom and kitchen.
Then got paper plates and drank straight from the can (or bottle) and had a lot of takeout! Luckily, I was only there for 3 weeks.

And it wasn't bad, I am just a neat freak!
Thanks, Sig and JJpilot for getting back to me on this. That's good that there's at least a system in place to get to the matter, though apparently not every instructor uses a white glove. When and if I become an instructor, well, if there's anything the Navy teaches you...

Anyway, that's about what I expected. I'm not all that worried, just something I'd wondered about.

Thanks again, and best regards.
I'm suprised they didn't have a check-out system like that before, cuz they would be the ones left to pay the lost deposit if they didn't pass it off to the dirty student. I can assure whoever's my roommate won't have that problem! I'm USUALLY very conscientious of cleanliness.

Anyway, (I know this is an aside from the topic of this thread) but there are dishes furnished in the furnished apartment aren't there?....
yes they have dishes and cups, mixing bowls, pots, pans, baking sheets, measuring cups, knife set, spoons, forks, knives, pot holders, microwave, and even a toaster.

The apartments in jax are nice. a lot of amenities like a swimming pool, tennis court, beach volleyball court, basketball court, dog obedience classes, fitness center with racketball court, valet service (dry cleaning), personal trainer, and free massages. You can't beat that.
Sweeeeettt!! - Yeah, I heard about them massages when I stopped by. Unbelievable. I'll want one after my long ass drive from PHX...

so does that mean pets are welcome, if they offer dog obedience classes?

And since there is no telephone or internet access, can you give me any ideas on where I could go to access the internet?

Can you give me any more insight about the appartments at Jax? I'm just currious about where I am going to live.


In addition to Flyin Ace, what is the pool area like at Jacksonville? Great or just another pool. Also is there a weight room or exercise facility at all?
Hey there folks...

Click here for a virtual tour of the apartments at JAX... Outside, weight room, pool, & living area. I personally like the racquetball court!

Hey thanks for posting that captain. Much nicer than I expected, I'll see everyone pool side in early Jan. No pools here just puddles.
What is that place called. What is the website? Can you look at all the aminities(sp?) and such on the homestore website? I agree, it looks really nice. I feel a little spoiled

Thanks for all your help,

Ok, heres a question, you get to live in that apartment, while you are staying there for the three months, doing your training. What happens after the three months and you a fortunate enough to get hired by ATP, whether its on the phones, or as an instructor? Do you have to find your own place then?

After you complete the ACPP you then move out of the apartments. They will typically give you an extra day or two to get packed up and clean it. However, most folks are packed up and hightail it out of town within an hour of their last checkride though! Guess they can't wait to get back to Mom's home cooking, their girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife and/or kids.

If you do get hired by ATP then, while you are in Training at the corporate office, you will stay in the apartments in Jacksonville at a reduced rental rate of $200/month which will be deducted out of your check. Not a bad deal.

Marilyn... apologies, I'm not able to give the name of the apartments out. They are nice though, and if you come down for a tour or interview, you are welcome to check them out.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the response, but a little clarification... You get the 200 a month reduced rate while training, but once you are done with training and are an employee, instructing, do you still get that rate?

Apologies for the confusion. You do get the reduced rate while in the field instructing, provided you are instructing at a Career Pilot Location. Those are the ones we have apartments set up at. If you instruct at another location then you have to coordinate housing for yourself. Best bet is to jump into whatever deal the departing instructor had.

Hope that helps!

Here's yet ANOTHER question for this seemingly immortal thread: Do the same conditions regarding family apply when you are an instructor? As a student, you can't share your apt w/ the family, but say I was fortunate enough to get hired and teach at a career pilot location...can I invite the wife and kid for a permanent visit
, or is it still reserved in case I need to share it with another instructor?