Anyone study law?


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I was wondering, did anyone on here study law in college? It is something I am considering (not necessarily aviation law) studying in college. Anyone have any good/bad experiences, comments. I am just looking for a general feel for the subject matter, see if I like it or not. I am on my high school's Mock Trial team and I must say I enjoyed everything about it. Thanks in advance.

Study law in college? I went to law school after college. If you want to go to law school, major in a subject that requires a lot of writing (English, Poli-Sci, etc.). A hot field is patient law that requires an engineering undergradute degree.
I was thinking about studying pre-law studies in college then going to law school, but I will look into pol sci.
The best way to get into it is get a degree that involves a lot of critical thinking/writing....... They like to have very diverse backgrounds in law school. I thought about going as a back up but it seems too tedious plus I cant say that id really enjoy being a lawer though the money can be good if you get the right job.
I actually am looking into this as a my career, I used to hope to be a pilot, but after being exposed to law for a little while I became very interested in it. Definitly still going to get my ratings on the side though.

I'm thinking, and it's only a guess, that my philosophy courses are going to help me more than my poli sci courses. I'm writing more in them, and I have to think harder. Just my observation.


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Sorry for the late response, I have been busy with school. I, like you, have been pondering a career in law. After researching the matter, and discussing a career in law with a few successful lawyers, I would not pursue a pre-law degree in college. I would take lots of writing and communications classes though. I would also explore some of the opportunities available to someone with a law degree. There are many interesting fields you can specialize in, without being a scum bag. If you would like to travel, I would pick up some foreign language and maybe go into some sort of corporate or business law. If you think you might like to give back and help poeple out you could work for someone like the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center for a few years. Or maybe you'd just like to have your own private practice doing a little of everything. If you do decide to go to law school, you'll find law schools are very competitive and want their students to bring diversity to their institution. So get involved in as much as you can, and do your best in school.
I don't know what field this is but I am very interested in criminal prosecution, I know next to nothing about it (whether I do it for a special field, i.e. aviation for example) but I am almost sure I don't want to do civil law (though, I am keeping an open mind). My inspiration for being a criminal prosecutor is one of the three people I know that have gone to law school is an assistant US attorney (He went to Cal State Fullerton then to Harvard Law, he is an incredibly smart man), one other used to be in private practice and is now a Superior Court judge, the last is a pilot (yes, I have gone flying with him) who does private practice.
I am a patent lawyer. I second the comment about skipping "pre-law". Get good grades and go for English, writing and critical thinking skills. In my experience the law schools seemed to recognize that science & engneering degrees are significantly harder than other fields, and seemed to give credit accordingly when considering grades.

All law schools teach a highly standardized curriculum, at least in the first year, and the most important consideration is to get into a highly-ranked school with a national reputation if possible. This gives you a better shot a getting a job you want. There is a lot of competition for entry-level criminal law jobs (i.e. junior D.A. or public defender).

If you want to do criminal work consider the mililtary. They give you a lot of responsibilty early in your career which can be good experience for criminal work.

PM me if you have any more questions.