anyone in Tacoma today?


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Looks like you guys are getting some nice wx:

KTIW  061815Z AUTO 05006KT 1/2SM SN FZFG VV005 M04/M04 A3002

KTCM  061755Z VRB03KT 1 1/8SM R34/5500FT -SN BR OVC003 M04/M05 A3001

Is that freezing fog I see? Seems kind of unusual for y'all


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Just got an email from soonermurph up at KTIW. He says, "Snow, snow, snow!!! We have eight inches now and it's still coming down. The door to the Seminole is frozen shut so I have been unable to send the OPS check."

You're right. The Pacific Northwest doesn't usually get snow. We seem to hang out at about +2 C all winter with an overcast layer. This, storm is an
change of pace. I'm down in Portland. We got about 4-6 inches of snow, and now were washing it down with freezing rain.


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Yea. The snow has turned to rain and we have a lot of slush. I have a flight start Thurs. so I hope it clears off fast.